Dispatch Weekly

From Rachael Larimore, managing editor of The Dispatch, comes our Saturday morning roundup of work we’ve produced over the preceding week. While we think all of our stuff is worth reading, think of this as a best-of-the-best to help you catch up.

Our Best Stuff From a Busy Week on the Hill

Congressional Republicans choose their leaders.

Our Best Stuff From the Midterms

Republicans underperformed, and Donald Trump is taking the heat.

Our Best Stuff From the Closing Days of the Midterm Campaign

Where the polls stand, how election laws have changed, and more.

Our Best Stuff From an Extreme Week

Nancy Pelosi’s husband is attacked in their home by an assailant.

Our Best Stuff From Another Big Week for Ukraine

An explosion takes out a portion of the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Big Russia News

Putin threatens nuclear weapons, tries to annex Ukrainian land, and Russian forces make a retreat.

Our Best Stuff From a Week We Got a Little Bigger

Putin’s mobilization, national conservatism’s threat to religious freedom, and more.

Our Best Stuff From a Big Week for Ukraine

A surprise campaign in the country’s northeast has Russian forces retreating.

Our Best Stuff on Biden’s Speech, Emergency Powers, and Iran

Plus: a departure from politics to reflect on a summer of sports greatness.

Our Best Stuff From a Very Expensive Week

Biden announces debt relief for student loans.

Our Best Stuff From a Not-So-Slow News Week

Liz Cheney loses, and we mark the one-year anniversary of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Revealing Primaries

The Democrats back Peter Meijer’s challenger in Michigan, and a pro-life referendum fails in Kansas.

Our Best Stuff on Ukraine, the Midterms, and the Pro-Life Movement

Plus, it looks like the January 6 committee hearings might be changing hearts and minds.

Our Best Stuff on Biden’s Approval Ratings and the January 6 Committee

Plus, a postmortem on the president’s Middle East trip.