The Broadband Era Takes a Hit

With the Affordable Connectivity Program ending, it's up to Congress whether to prioritize universal service.

Streamers Try Cable-Style Bundling

More streaming companies turn to bundling as the industry faces economic headwinds.

Sports Are Great, but Stadium Subsidies Stink

The benefits accrue to the wealthy, while the rest of us pay the many unseen costs.

There Are Two Sides to Every Debt

One party’s liability is another party’s asset.

Political Sacred Cows Inflate American Grocery Prices

Protectionism makes our already costly supermarket trips even costlier—and for no good reason.

The Baltimore Accident and Other ‘Supply Chain Crises’ That Keep Not Happening

The global economy is far more dynamic—and resilient—than you think.

Getting the ‘China Shock’ Right

The political narrative has eclipsed the actual economics, and that’s a policy problem today.

California’s New ‘Fast Food’ Wage Law Will Probably End Badly. We Just Don’t Know How.

Recent calamities in Seattle, Minneapolis, and D.C. provide some clues.

Checking in on the U.S. Housing Market

Despite improving economic numbers generally, high mortgage rates and high prices are leading to supply problems.

The Problem With ‘Monetizing the Debt’

Just printing more money won’t solve our problems.

Japanic! at the Steelco

U.S. Steel gives American protectionists just what they wanted … good and hard.

New Year, New Economic Forecast

Economists and everyday Americans try to make heads or tails of the economy.

Americans Shrug Off Historic Debt Surge

The budget deficit just doubled to $2 trillion. Don’t expect it to shrink anytime soon.

Americans’ Grim Views of the Decent U.S. Economy Are Perfectly Understandable

High prices for food and gas and elevated interest rates are more visible than more encouraging big-picture indicators.

Do Democrats Really Create Stronger Economies?

Never confuse correlation with causation.

Interest Payments Are a Ticking Time Bomb

Massive federal borrowing means gambling America’s economic future on interest rates never rising.