Advisory Opinions

Yale Anons

Plus: A debatable list of worst cases.

The Problem with “History and Tradition”

Don't take down the fence until you know why it was put up.

Untested Theories

"The great thing about America is that everyone gets their decade in court."

Is That A Mein Kampf In Your Pocket?

The coup is complete.

Spies, Shredders, and Mistaken Identities

Looks at documents. Glances at shredder. Looks at documents.

Rod Rosenstein Talks Special Counsels

There's a reason classified documents are in "cool folders"

Surprise by Cert

“We want to see some big stuff in arguments."

Stop Doing This

Classified documents everywhere.

Is It Windbreaker Time, Yet?

Also, a tribute to "the lawyer we couldn't imagine."

Be Not So Sensitive

Bump stocks and MAGA hats.

Confession by Stand-Up

The border crisis is not a pandemic crisis.

Everybody Wants A Little More Pandemic

This is why you go to law school.

Between Persuasion and Coercion

The FBI spends their time on dumb stuff.

Twitter, Trafficking, and Section 230

A talk about the unpalatable.

Depends What You Mean By “Shall”

It's immigration day.

Is This a Lollapalooza?

He may not know Lollapalooza, but he does know Arrakis.