Advisory Opinions

First Amendment Monday (on a Tuesday)

"People conflate being exposed to ideas with harassment."

The Future of the Federalist Society

The National Treasure of podcasts.

The Gobsmacking Guns Case

"My stomach was involved in reading this brief."

Guns. Ho.

From midterms to music.

No More Pre-Mortem (Almost)

It's going to get messy.

Affirmative Action Hearing, pt. 2

“I think Harvard is toast here.”

Chess World Vibes

We need to talk about the chess case again.

Chess Cheats and Hot Sauce

“A limited public figure for the purposes of Donkey Kong.”

Where’s the Beef?

Hot sauce time.

The Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump

Clarence Thomas has thoughts about Prince.

The Case That Broke David’s Inbox

In an episode dedicated to our pig friends, Sarah and David are joined by two ...

Live From George Mason

Recording live at George Mason University, David and Sarah open with a critical WAP correction ...

The Onion Files an Amicus Brief

An Alabama redistricting case receives a contentious Supreme Court hearing, weighing race neutrality against a ...

You Must Have Misunderstood Law

Trump’s legal drama — Judge Cannon returns! Ken Paxton opines! Fraud alleged! — will be discussed ...