Advisory Opinions

Sore Losers and Dr. Phil

Gorsuch a babe.

Live From Alabama

Don't go to law school without a business plan.

Taylor Swift and the Magna Carta

On this day the law came alive.

Alabama Against IVF

And: Fani Willis' side piece hearing.

Guns and the Aloha State

Finally discussing American Nightmare.

Ignore the Gaslighters on the Hur Report

And: addressing some public accommodation controversies.

Do Your Job … SCOTUS

Alito goes consequentialist.

Indictment Watch: No Immunity

Donald Trump is not immune from prosecution.

The Problem With Multidistrict Litigation

The O.G. Breyer, Breyer clerk.

Reading the Founders’ Minds

Judges judging judging.

Why Our Border Is Broken

The credible fears at the border.

What Is Religion?

And: magic words at the border.

Big Law Has a Liberal Bias (Live from Vanderbilt University)

Political pain yielding political change via Chevron.

Bad Facts for Chevron

Make Congress Great Again.

Dumb But Constitutional

Roe on my mind.

The Presidential Assassination Argument

Assassinating rivals on Fifth Avenue.