The Collision

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Polling on Trump’s Cases Shows Two Different Universes

Republicans are rallying around their guy, but the general electorate thinks the indictments are legit.

Making a Federal Case of It

Trump’s co-defendants are trying to remove their Georgia indictments to federal court. Expect him to do the same.

On Trump’s Indictments, There Was No Debate

The GOP field (mostly) punts on the frontrunner’s legal problems.

Ranking the Four Criminal Cases Against Trump

How this week’s indictment in Georgia fits in with the rest.

Walking the Line Between Campaigning and Obstruction

Meanwhile, motions in both of Trump’s federal trials are underway.

The New Trump Indictment Is Less Clear Cut

Yet the politics seem straightforward.

New Charges, Same Indictment

What’s new in the superseding indictment of Donald Trump, and what not to expect in response from his Republican rivals.

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Donald Trump’s looming legal developments have Democrats strategizing for 2024.