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Probing reporting and trenchant analysis to help understand the new and extraordinary intersection between the law and presidential politics.

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The Trump-Trials Round Robin

Taking stock of where Trump’s major civil and criminal trials stand.

Why Donald Trump’s Prosecutors May Be Helping His Campaign

Plus: A new federal indictment could sink Republicans’ impeachment aspirations.

The Attention Turns to Donald Trump’s Georgia Prosecutor

Plus: Was Robert Hur out of line in his report on Joe Biden’s classified documents?

Joe Biden Takes the Good With the Bad

Plus: Two monumental cases regarding Donald Trump and 2024.

Fani Willis’ Scandal Threatens to Upend the Georgia Case Against Trump

If a judge finds the Fulton County prosecutor acted improperly, the case could be dismissed or delayed by months or years.

Why the GOP Field Never Pressed Donald Trump on His Legal Woes

A Maine judge kicks the presidential ballot qualification question to the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump and Jack Smith Face Sticky Immunity Questions

Plus: It’s not just politicians being ‘swatted.’

Colorado, Maine, and the 14th Amendment’s Enforcement Problem

We’re waiting, waiting, waiting for the Supreme Court on Trump’s ballot access.

Big Questions Linger on Colorado’s Trump-Ballot Decision

Plus: Donald Trump responds to prosecutors on the presidential immunity question and the House GOP isn’t finished with Hunter Biden.

Trump’s Presidential Immunity Question

Plus: Hunter Biden’s sordid past is finally catching up with him.

No Blanket Immunity for Trump in January 6 Civil Case

Plus: Christie—and only Christie—goes after the president from the debate stage.

Pondering the Prosecution of a President

What happens if the Georgia trial is ongoing in January 2025?

With Subpoenas, the House Impeachment Inquiry Is Speeding Up

Plus, evaluating Trump’s PR strategy as his civil fraud trial continues.

The Efforts to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

Plus: Have House Republicans put their impeachment inquiry on the backburner?

What’s the Deal with the Plea Deals?

Interpreting the guilty pleas from Donald Trump’s co-defendants in Georgia.

Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty in Georgia

And the new gag order in Trump’s federal election interference case, explained.