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Incompetence strikes again in New York’s mayoral race, a blow to American’s faith in government but not, our hosts argue, fuel for 2020 election fraud claims or a ding on ranked choice voting. The gang then discusses Vice President Kamala Harris’ belated visit to the U.S.-Mexico border. Steve points out that Harris’ clumsy handling of immigration is more than just a messaging failure, and says just as much about the Biden administration’s policy failures. David dives into why governors don’t call up the National Guard more (as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem did recently for a border mission.) They also tackle an underreported aspect of infrastructure negotiations on the Hill and discuss what divides that drama reveals about the Democratic Party. Lastly, our hosts discuss Bill Barr’s defiance of former President Donald Trump on 2020 election fraud claims and whether the most hardcore Trump supporters qualify as a religion or a cult.

Show Notes:

New York Times article about the chaos of the New York mayoral race

Texas Tribune article about Kamala Harris’ visit to the border

Washington Post article about Kristi Noem’s deploying national guards to the border

Yuval Levin’s article in National Review about how what the media missed in the infrastructure reporting

Jonathan Karl’s story in The Atlantic about Bill Barr’s final days in Trump-era Department of Justice

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