Fact Check: Did Newsmax Include Ben Shapiro in a Graphic on Black Conservatives?

Viral social media posts show a screenshot of a Newsmax segment that purportedly included Ben Shapiro as an example of a black conservative.

The image is authentic: While discussing claims of systemic racism from MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian on the Tuesday episode of his Newsmax show, Greg Kelly argued the narrative of systemic racism was disrupted by the existence of black Americans. “I wonder what Yasmin would do, and any of those other people, when they meet a black conservative,” said Kelly, as pictures of Sheriff David Clarke, Herman Cain, Ben Shapiro, and Ben Carson flashed on the screen. Kelly noted Shapiro’s inclusion in the graphic, saying: “They’re out there, but they’re shunned, because, boy oh boy, what they have to say—and the late Herman Cain, and, of course, Ben Shapiro, not black but one of the heroes of the movement.”

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