Fact Check

Fact Check: Was the Georgia Gubernatorial Primary Rigged?

A former White House correspondent misrepresents information about Gov. Brian Kemp’s victory.

Fact Checking Claims About the Border Patrol and the Uvalde School Shooting

Viral social media posts claim that the Uvalde, Texas, school shooter was killed by an ...

Fact Checking Claims That the Texas School Shooting Was a ‘False Flag’ Operation

A viral post also accuses CNN of using ‘crisis actors.’

Fact Check: A Viral Tweet About Early Retirement Is Satire

The tweet mocked those who proclaim their wealth is self-made when it’s not.

Fact Checking Rep. Paul Gosar’s Claim About the Texas School Shooter

Gosar spread misinformation that originated on right-wing platforms.

Fact Checking Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2,000 Mules’

The film’s ballot harvesting theory is full of holes.

Fact Checking Claims About an Alabama Abortion Law

Women who have abortions there don't face prison sentences.

Fact Check: Does Pfizer Say Its COVID-19 Vaccine Is Unsafe for Pregnant Women?

No. Social media posts are basing the claim on out-of-date, third-party documents.

Fact Check: Did Russian Orthodox Priests Bless a Missile Named ‘Satan’?

A viral photo does show such a blessing, but of a different missile.

Fact Check: The White House Corrects Itself After False Claim About Vaccine

It was not the first time that the Biden administration made the claim.

Fact Check: Was the Secretary of Agriculture Arrested?

No, nor was he part of a plot to sabotage America’s food supplies.

Fact Checking a Bill Gates Coronavirus Soundbite

The billionaire made the comment while promoting his book on the pandemic.

Fact Check: Did Alito and Barrett Claim That America Needs a ‘Domestic Supply of Infants’?

There are several errors in a viral tweet making that claim.

Fact Check: Is There a Major Shortage of Baby Formula?

Viral claims are based on accurate reporting.