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Fact Checking Joe Biden’s Speech on Voting Rights Legislation

The president made several misleading and inaccurate statements.

Fact Checking Claims About a Statement by Rochelle Walensky

A viral video of the CDC director discussing COVID deaths and comorbidities is missing context.

Fact Checking Claims About VAERS and COVID-19 Vaccine Data

People are misusing information provided to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event System.

Fact Check: 2021 Year In Review

Another big year for election and pandemic disinformation.

Do Pfizer Vaccines Contain Microchips?

No. A viral video is from 2018 and discusses schizophrenia treatment, not vaccines.

Did George Clooney Turn Down $35 Million to Do an Israeli Airline Commercial?

He said he turned down a big payday, but he denies that the airline involved was from Israel.