Jan 29 • 57M

Back to School

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Jonah’s in a professorial mood on today’s nerdtastic Ruminant, which features disquisitions on censorship, pragmatism, and vestigial partisanship (be sure you tune in to find out what the latter actually means). Also included in this weekend’s potpourri is a lengthy discussion of Stephen Breyer’s retirement and Joe Biden’s pledge to appoint an African American woman to the Supreme Court. Plus, for those still confused by Jonah and Charlie Cooke’s argument about Congress during the Anglo-Floridian’s appearance on the program this week, there’s a detailed explanation of how the two disagree. 

Show Notes: 

- The Wednesday G-File

- Adam J. White on the Commentary podcast

- Jonathan Chait on affirmative action for the Supreme Court

- John Podhoretz still likes Ike

- The Remnant with Charles C.W. Cooke

- The Remnant with Yuval Levin

- The Remnant with Leon Aron

- Charles Sanders Peirce

- Richard Rorty and William James

- Bertrand Russell’s critique of pragmatism

- Jonah: “Banned Books Week is Just Hype”