James P. Sutton

James P. Sutton

What Chesa Boudin’s Recall Says About Criminal Justice Reform

Plus, the increasingly important role Asian American voters play in urban politics

Wildfire Season Is Upon Us. It’s Going to Be Bad.

Heat waves and drought are exacerbated by years of mismanaging our forests.

‘Win the Argument, and Then You Can Win the Vote’

An interview with Kevin Faulconer, the outgoing Republican mayor of San Diego.

Giving the People What They Want

Why Trump supporters have flocked to Newsmax and One America Network since the election.

California Voters Show an Independent Streak

A measure to keep Uber/Lyft drivers as contractors passed, while measures on affirmative action, rent control, and property taxes failed or are failing.

Will the Vote Be Legitimate?

From mail-in voting to the pandemic to disinformation campaigns, elections look very different this year. The people running them in dozens of states are confident they've pulled it off.

On Pre-Existing Conditions, Trump’s Words Have Differed From His Actions

While the president trumpets his desire to protect access to health care, his administration fights to do the opposite in court.

Loving Our Trees to Death

An interview with the only registered forester in Congress, on the costly failures of forest management.

What We Can Learn From Maine’s Move to Ranked-Choice Voting

The method has been used by parties in primaries and in local elections but never by a state in a presidential election year.