Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes is the editor and CEO of The Dispatch.

Steve Hayes

Are We Doomed Yet?

Legion of normals unite.

Putin’s Bromance

There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.

High Steaks #7: What Did I Miss?

More atrocious ketchup placements.

The Election Nobody Asked For

Whistling past the nursing home.

Brittle Regimes

Animal Spirits or The House Republican Conference?

Post-Debate, Nikki Haley Gets a Second Look

Plus: Trump and Tucker discuss the prospect of civil war.

The Debate That Didn’t Matter

Not worth your time.

Wrath of the Normals

DeSantis Reset: Part III.

Schrödinger’s Trump

Jonah is in a major positional mood.

Not Good, Steve.

Save acts of God, it's only getting worse for Steve.