Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes

Rise of the Vote Bots

"Oh, Kevin. You find new and interesting ways to make me sad."

Three Years of The Dispatch

In which Steve reveals his new long-form podcast.

Join Us in Naples to Make Sense of the ‘22 Election With These Incredible Guests

Our What’s Next conference will take place from Thursday, November 10, to Sunday, November 13.

Putin Makes Nuclear Threats

What happens when Vladimir Putin starts feeling cornered? Sarah, David, Steve, and Jonah react to ...

Lindsey Graham’s New-Old Abortion Ban

At long last in the same room, Sarah, Steve, David, and Jonah debate whether the ...

Mark Leibovich Talks “Thank You for Your Servitude”

Steve is joined by Mark Leibovich to discuss his new book Thank You for Your ...

Liz Cheney: ‘There Is Actually Precedent for … Vice Presidents to Testify’

The outgoing GOP rep discusses the possibility of Mike Pence appearing before the January 6 committee.

Choosing to Lose

The last days of the Liz Cheney campaign.

David Axelrod Previews the Midterms, 2024

David Axelrod, chief strategist for former President Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns and host of The ...