Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes

Crime or Karma?

Excuse us as we wait for David to get canceled.

Investigating January 6th

Will Donald Trump slip away "peacefully and patriotically"?

Blank Checks and Balances

The tide goes out and we're seeing no swimsuits.

The Tucker Tapes

Tucker's "remarkably pathetic spectacle."

The Twisted World of Media Tycoons

A Succesion-esque story of media power.

Floating Middle Finger

Yes, we should be worried about the Chinese spy balloon.

Gov. Sununu: Why New Hampshire’s Different

What happens at the Gridiron, doesn't stay.

A Last Word From David French

A Last Word From David French

On his way to the New York Times.

The Biden Files

“It is actually easy not to mishandle classified information.”

Creatures of Capitol Hill

McCarthy wants it too bad.