Taliban Makes Gains in Afghanistan

As the Biden administration seeks to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September, the Taliban is already on the offensive. How should the United States respond? And how should the United States take care of the thousands of Afghans who have aided the United States against the Taliban? The gang discusses. Then, David brings up interesting statistics regarding how often each Supreme Court justice is part of the majority. Does this undermine the traditional categorization of justices along the ideological spectrum? Plus, they talk about the preliminary results in the New York Democratic primary, in which crime was the top voter issue according to opinion polls. What does this mean for the 2022 elections and beyond? Lastly, our hosts discuss the recent backlash from the left against musical actor Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Show Notes:

FDD’s Long War Journal on the Taliban offensive

Thomas Joscelyn on Al-Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan

Thomas Joscelyn on the Taliban gains

Adam Liptak on Supreme Court justices’ proportions in majority

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