The Treasure of the Scout Mindset

Are you a “scout” or a “soldier”? What do those terms even mean? In Julia Galef’s new book, The Scout Mindset, she argues the scout mindset is underrepresented in today’s world. “The scout’s role, unlike the soldier, is not to go out and attack or defend,” she says. “It’s to go out, and see what’s really out there as clearly as possible and to put together as accurate a map of the territory or a situation as you can.” Plus, listen closely for Steve’s John McLaughlin impression and why Julia believes bouncing between Airbnbs is way better than signing an actual lease.

Show Notes:

-“The Scout Mindset” by Julia Galef

Rationally Speaking Podcast

Julia Galef on Twitter

Julia’s TED Talk

The Dispatch Manifesto

Dr. Tom Gilovich

Julia’s Twitter thread about Airbnbs

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

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