Way Down Under

While Jonah flees the oppressive heat of Texas, Sarah Isgur takes control of the Remnant with weird and wonderful results. She’s joined by Jonathan Swan of Axios, and her uncomfortably personal lines of questioning—which cover kangaroo meat, childhood crushes, and the pains of immigration—may discourage him from ever returning. Serious conversation is also mixed in on the midterm elections, which raises a number of questions: How are Trump’s picks likely to perform in November? What will our parties look like in 10 years? And are campaign staffers dragging Democratic politicians to the cultural left?

Show Notes:

– Sarah’s page at The Dispatch

– Jonathan’s page at Axios

– The Herschel Walker situation

– Jonathan: “Trumpier Than Trump”

– Jonathan: “Team Trump Sees Special Masters as Deep FBI Skeptic”

– The Remnant with Ruy Teixeira

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