Monetized Jackassery

Cato Institute economist Ryan Bourne joins The Remnant for the first time to discuss his new book, Economics in One Virus, which offers a crash course in economics using the COVID-19 pandemic as a case study. Over the last two years, many questions have been raised about America’s preparedness (or lack thereof) for the pandemic, and Ryan has answers. Did any country get COVID right? Why is testing still a mess? And is the libertarian movement as divided as the conservative movement?

Show Notes:

Ryan’s page at Cato

Ryan’s new book, Economics in One Virus

Ryan: “A Cure Worse Than the Disease?”

Scott Gottlieb: “A Second Major Seasonal Virus Won’t Leave Us Any Choice”

Strife in the fast lane with John Nestor

Biden’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Peter Nicholas: “There Are No Libertarians in an Epidemic”

Jonah: “When Narrative Trumps the Facts”

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