Ruminating by Remote

As we close in on the end of the year, Jonah’s rumination proves to be a pretty sizable roundup of all the news that has been fit to print throughout the week. In addition to discussing attempts to relitigate the series of unfortunate events surrounding Jeffrey Toobin, the inaccuracy of our current Cold War metaphors in regards to China, and the ongoing conflict over wealth inequality, Jonah also finds the time to dip into several classically nerdy topics. Such subjects include the accidental genius of bad Kung Fu movies, how They Live isn’t nearly as Marxist as the academy would have you believe (and the fact that they try to prove that it is “just helps to prove how dumb Marxism is”), and how David French’s taste in films has made Jonah a nihilist.

Show Notes:

This week’s G-File



The fight scene in They Live

Kurt Thomas in Gymkata

Jonah: Farce as Tragedy

Adorno: “Thus one no longer learns to close a door softly, discreetly and yet firmly. Those of autos and frigidaires have to be slammed.”

The origin of the “alien visitor” thought experiment

A chin-stroking (so to speak) piece on Jeffrey Toobin


This week’s Remnant with Matt Continetti

Jonah’s “New Cold War” column

This week’s Remnant with Scott Winship

The success sequence

Remnant Episode 100 with Thomas Sowell

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