Fact Check: An Alleged Tweet From Paul Gosar Is a Fake

An alleged tweet from Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter, with the tweet supposedly showing Gosar admit basically everyone in his life thinks he’s an idiot:

Following Gosar’s appearance at a far-right conference with white supremacist ties, Sen. Mitt Romney criticized him, saying that Gosar and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who also spoke at the conference, were “morons.” But this supposed response from Gosar is fake: It doesn’t appear on Gosar’s Twitter and ProPublica’s project that captures the deleted tweets of politicians, Politwoops, has no record of Gosar tweeting it and then deleting it. The image originated with a Reddit user who is the self-described “Shakespeare of fake tweets,” and was posted on a parody Reddit page for fake tweets.

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