How About We Ditch Whataboutism?

As many feared, after President Joe Biden was inaugurated, a mob unleashed destruction. They stormed the Democratic party headquarters. They spray-painted “[expletive deleted] Biden!” and smashed the Democratic HQ’s windows. One sign read, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!” 

Federal law enforcement used tear gas to repel the gangs of anti-democratic goons unwilling to accept the lawful verdict of voters. 

But here’s the thing: The bloodthirsty goons weren’t MAGA-hat wearing Trumpists, but members of Antifa, and the protests weren’t in Washington, D.C., but in Portland and Seattle. 

Now, I don’t bring this up to score partisan “What about Antifa?” points. The violence at the Capitol on January 6 was uniquely despicable, not merely for the American carnage it unleashed but also for its intent. The goal was to override the Constitution and install an unelected demagogue as president. Destroying businesses and beating innocent people is always evil, but it is a profound category error to pretend that the sins of “one side” cancel out the sins of the other. 

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