The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag with Rachael Larimore

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It’s been such a treat reading your questions over the last few weeks. I know a few of you from your regular comments on The Dispatch Weekly, but it’s nice to hear from a wider audience. And, wow, a lot of you had questions about beer. We’ll get to those. There were also great questions about journalism and The Dispatch, working from home and life in Ohio. If I didn’t answer your question here, I will try to get back into the original comments and respond there. 

Normally I close out the essay portion of my newsletter by thanking everyone for reading. This time is a little different: Thanks for writing!

Kathleen: Is it tough to do all work remotely or do you just get used to not being in a traditional newsroom?

Is it tough to work remotely? I want to say “Quite the opposite, actually,” but that’s not quite right. I enjoy the time I do spend with my colleagues and I realize there would be benefits to seeing them every day. But I’m rather set in my ways. I’ve been doing this since 2005, and our second son was born a little over a year later (and our third in 2009). Working from home has allowed me to spend more time with my kids than I would have had I been in an office. I’ve been lucky that my various employers have given me flexibility, though that cuts both ways. Sometimes when “normal” folks are working, I’m running kids to the dentist or picking them up when their after-school activities keep them from taking the bus home. On the other hand, I’ve also worked from baseball games, swim meets, social gatherings, and once, memorably, from a bar. When I was at The Weekly Standard, a writer got an interview with Steve Bannon immediately after he’d been fired by Donald Trump. That was big enough news to push it out on a Friday night, but we’d made plans to watch an important baseball game with neighbors at the closest bar. We went, me with laptop in tow. It all worked out.

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