Trump Said the Election Was About Him. Voters Agreed.

At a rally in Wisconsin the day before the election, President Trump was talking about the choice between him and Joe Biden. He started to say, “This isn’t about …” and then stopped himself and said, “Yeah, it is about me.”

He was right. The election was about him.

As of this writing, it isn’t assured that Joe Biden will win, but it seems likely. Regardless, one result is clear. Republicans did very, very well in this election despite the fact that the party-defining person at the top of the ticket was extremely unpopular. Republicans gained seats in the House when every pundit (including yours truly) and almost every pollster said they would lose seats. In Texas, which many thought might actually go blue for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth (measured in political time at least), the Democrats failed to flip a single House seat. 

As for the U.S. Senate, as of this writing, with the exception of Colorado’s Cory Gardner, every Republican senator who wasn’t appointed to a seat appears to have survived. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was easily reelected despite massive spending by Democrats to unseat him. Maine Sen. Susan Collins, who never led in a poll going into the home stretch, was also reelected.

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