Video: Checking in on the Supreme Court Term

After struggling through technical difficulties on Tuesday that resulted in no Dispatch Live, Sarah is joined by Adam White—senior fellow at AEI and co-director of George Mason University’s C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State—for a special Wednesday afternoon edition of Dispatch Live. The duo discusses what is going on in the Supreme Court. What cases are the pair watching? What case should matter most to you as a Dispatch member? What makes the six conservative justices different? Will Judge Ketanji Jackson Brown’s confirmation hearings be anything but boring? How many ways can Adam say “Harvard” without saying “Harvard?” Plus, Adam talks about his experience on the commission studying court-packing. 

Stick around to the end to hear how Adam and Sarah spent their time yesterday that was supposed to be set aside for Dispatch Live and Adam’s very controversial take on March Madness brackets. The password you need is: SCOTUS.

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