My Merit—Your Racism

Merit is weaponized ‘whiteness’ when it’s a barrier to entry, an indisputable fact when certain groups get the spoils of status.

‘Saltburn’ and the Allure of Social Media Influence

The film’s scathing critique of unchecked ambition applies to politics in the TikTok era.

A Civil Society

Alexandra Hudson’s ‘The Soul of Civility’ distinguishes civility from mere politeness or niceness.

Speaking Freely About Free Speech

Free speech matters a lot, but so do some other things.

On Campus Speech, We Need a Return to First Principles

The alternative to robust free speech norms is an unfettered scramble for political spoils.

The System Is Rigged

The Ivy president debacle is a huge victory for populism.

Antisemitism Beleaguers the Ivies 

Harvard, Penn, and MIT face the fallout of their presidents’ disastrous congressional testimonies.

Living Well at the End of Western Civilization

Nora Ephron’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’ explored the dawn of the internet age with a counterrevolutionary bent.

Civil Liberties Don’t Impede the Common Good—They Advance It

A look back at Robert P. George’s ‘Making Men Moral’ on its 30th anniversary.

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

What the anti-liberals on the left and the post-liberals on the right have in common.

The Privileged Few

‘The Holdovers’ shows that privilege is real but that the divisions it creates are not insurmountable.

The Thanksgiving Table Is Not Your Personal Stage

Choose gratitude over performative politics this holiday.

Of Course Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday

Rigorous analysis reveals the undeniable superiority of stuffing, football, and gratitude.

Envy Poisons the Soul, but Gratitude Opens the Heart

This Thanksgiving, count your blessings and skip the arguments.

The Perils of a Culture of Critique

Moral relativism not only obfuscates right from wrong—it’s unable to respond to today’s radical ideologies.

‘The Conservative Mind’ at 70

A rising generation can still look to Russell Kirk’s classic for real inspiration.