A Breath of Fresh Air (Jordans)

‘Air’ entertains with the story of how Nike signed the GOAT.

Depeche Mode Confronts Mortality

‘Memento Mori,’ the band’s latest album, is its most personal yet. But the songs largely fail to engage.

The Free Speech Switcheroo

It used to be conservatives asking, ‘Is the juice worth the squeeze?’

Tales of Loneliness, Stories of Syncretism

A review of Samanta Schweblin’s ‘Seven Empty Houses’ and Scholastique Mukasonga’s ‘Kibogo.’

All the Pieces Fall Into Place

A review of ‘Tetris.’

Are We Having Fun Yet?

The revival season of ‘Party Down’ is worth watching.

Making Money, Not Watches

Rolex’s new designs show how the company is more interested in creating online clout and scarcity than watches.

The New Stanford Prison Experiment

The free speech circus came to Stanford.

Goopy Infowars

When both sides try to peddle the same garbage in different packaging.

Under the Black Flag

Making the AR-15 the powerful cultural symbol it is today has been a collaborative effort by those who love them and those who detest them.

Socrates and Xi Jinping Go Into a Bar

A review of ‘Plato Goes to China: The Greek Classics and Chinese Nationalism.’

Willem Dafoe’s Creative Destruction

‘Inside’ is an intriguing film that lacks thematic depth.

Protecting the King 

A review of Netflix’s ‘Agent Elvis.’

Man Up

We’re suffering an epidemic of childishness.

When Should Children See a Nude Statue?

David, democracy, ding-a-lings.

‘He Does Everything You’re Supposed to Do’

A shining knight emerges from the Netflix golf docuseries.