Screaming for Mercy

'Scream VI' can be exhilarating, but it’s ultimately a waste of potential.

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Manfredball and the MLB’s Crisis of Confidence

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A review of ‘History of the World, Part II.’

Heaven, Earth, and Lithuania

The Paintings of M. K. Čiurlionis.

Celebrating Our Differences

And how, sometimes, rules can help protect diversity.

Bill Sammon, the Deer Hunter

How the former managing editor of Fox News kept his head while everyone else seemed to be losing theirs.

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A Day at the Freud Museum.

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‘You,’ Not Everyone

The success of season four will ultimately depend on if it can lean into its strengths and away from a ham handed, surface-level social critique.

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A new edition has a decided ideological bent.

The Other Legacy of Watergate: Nicknames

The Plumbers are about to get their own show. But there was also Le Grand Fromage and the German Shepherds.

Apocalypse Now

Is catastrophism harder on liberal teens than conservative ones?