The Tragedies of Jordan Neely and Donald Trump

Opposites are not as different as the word sometimes implies.

Fox’s Reckoning

A post-Tucker Carlson crisis.

‘White House Plumbers’ Needs to be Fixed

The first episode of the HBO miniseries is dreadful.

Vintage J

John Mulaney’s latest stand-up special tackles his struggles with addiction, but also shows off his signature comedic charm.

Buzzed on Coffee and Double Standards

On the inverted pyramid of concern.

Why Are Businesses Fleeing Portland?

Examining claims that crime in Portland is to blame for recent business closures.

Welcome to Schmicago!

‘Schmigadoon!’ is back for a second season with the same cast and a new premise.

Tucker’s Matrix

Tucker Carlson thinks he’s the last honest man, and he’ll lie to prove it.

Republicans Lose Out When Local News Collapses

Small-town citizens lose ties to their community, and having fewer watchdogs means more opportunity for government waste and corruption.

The Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fox News, Explained

A former booker for Tucker Carlson makes serious allegations against the network.

Turning Villains Into Victims

Tucker Carlson pandered to Donald Trump’s most deplorable supporters.

Tangled Up in Blue

The humiliation of Elon Musk.

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Tucker Carlson Out at Fox News

Plus: Mortgage fee changes burn better borrowers.

Falling Hemlines and Rising Inflation

Examining the accuracy of the ‘hemline index.’

Tuckered Out

Be careful what you wish for.