Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Emotionalism can lead believers away from faithful living, rather than toward it.

War Fever

On the rise of ‘the Ukraine war is fake’ conspiracy theorists.

Who Are These ‘Cultural Christians’?

Christian sensibility, but without the belief, is very little more than niceness inflated to the point of metaphysical comedy.

The Cabin Problem

A review of ‘Knock at the Cabin.’

The Twits

Bowdlerizing Roald Dahl for fun and profit.

Debunking the ‘True History’ Canard

Progressive activists are making disingenuous arguments about K-12 history education.

Quantumanic Episode

A review of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.’

Sisyphus With a Stethoscope

Tracy Kidder tells the story of a doctor’s practice serving the homeless of Boston.

Fox News Hates Its Viewers

Maybe it should.

Meta’s VR Albatross

Mark Zuckerberg is burning billions of dollars on Meta’s virtual reality platform with no sign of payoff in sight.

The Impossible Task of ‘Fixing’ Twitter

A video explainer from The Dispatch.

Love’s In Need of Love Today

Love can be virtuous, but also used for evil ends.

In Defense of the Real Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler deserves acclaim not for his critical darling turns, but for making America laugh.

‘Plane’ Is a Bumpy Ride

A review of the latest Gerard Butler thriller.

Rogan’s Jews

What the shock jock doesn’t get about antisemitic conspiracies.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Are Here to Stay

ChatGPT has ushered in a new era for AI, though plenty of drawbacks remain.