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Assessing Claims That U.S. Billionaires Get a Free Ride on Taxes

IRS data shows high earners pay more in income taxes than their share of earnings.

Upcoming Eclipse Prompts Viral Conspiracy Theories

The National Guard will be present in Oklahoma, but only to assist with an expected influx of tourists.

Democrats Accuse Trump of Saying He Would ‘Round Up Latinos’

The former president said he would begin a large deportation operation if elected but did not refer to Latinos.

Assessing Claims That Donald Trump Wants to Cut Social Security and Medicare

Robert Reich took the former president’s comments out of context.

Assessing Claims About an Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder in Maryland

It’s true that Nilson Granados-Trejo faced multiple immigration detainers but was never deported.

Sen. Katie Britt Misleads With Anecdote About a Sex-Trafficking Victim

The account is real, but the Alabama Republican left out that the trafficking happened in Mexico during the early 2000s.

Fact Checking Claims of Voter Fraud in Texas’ GOP Primary

Supporters of Dan Crenshaw’s opponent made false and misleading allegations.

Fact Checking President Biden’s State of the Union Speech

He made dubious claims about billionaires’ tax rates, inflation, the pandemic-related economic crisis, and more.

HuffPost Truncates a Quote by North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson

The GOP nominee for governor did not say he believes women shouldn’t vote.

Yes, ‘Glock Switches’ Can Turn a Firearm Into an Automatic Weapon

When an automatic sear is in place, the weapon’s trigger bar is prevented from catching its firing pin, allowing multiple rounds to be fired without additional pulls of the trigger.

What We Know—and Don’t Know—About Gonzalo Lira’s Death in Ukraine

The Kremlin tries to draw a comparison between Lira and Alexei Navalny.

COVID Vaccine Study Prompts Misleading Claims About Potential Side Effects

The study found rare occurrences of adverse events, but social media users are overemphasizing the risks.

Assessing Claims About Houthi Attacks in the Red Sea

An independent journalist incorrectly claimed the Houthis sank a ship and rescued the crew.

An Old Doctored Video of Trump’s ‘Wig’ Flying Off Recirculates

The authentic video from 2019 shows that his hair stayed in place.

Fact Checking Claims About Directed Energy Weapons

They are not responsible for wildfires in Hawaii or Chile—and painting your roof blue won’t protect you from them.

Debate Over Ukraine Aid Prompts Misleading Claim Against Sen. Cornyn

The editor of a right-wing website mischaracterized a statement he made about Russian disinformation and the border crisis.