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Fact Checking Alleged Photos of the Turkish-Syrian Earthquake

Two viral images are stock photos, not from rescue and recovery operations.

Fact Check: Are ‘White Women’ the Greatest Threat to World Peace?

An image circulating online has been digitally altered.

Fact Checking a Map That Depicts Part of Ukraine as Polish Territory

The image is fake, and Poland has not annexed Western Ukraine.

Is Harvard Medical School Teaching Students to Treat ‘LGBTQIA+’ Infants? 

The treatments in question are only for intersex babies.

Fact Checking a Fake Headline About COVID-19 Vaccines

An image of an authentic article was digitally altered.

Fact Check: Did Donald Trump Ever Drop His Support of Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership Bid?

A statement purporting to be from Trump is fake.

Fact Check: Did Elon Musk Say ‘Everyone Knows Trump Won the Election’?

A video circulating on social media has been digitally altered.

Fact Checking a Viral Claim About Elon Musk

A popular social media account attributes an Orwell quote to Musk.

Fact Checking Claims About Arizona Voter Registration Numbers

A claim circulating now is both false and old.

Has President Biden Visited the Southern Border Since Taking Office?

There is no evidence of such a visit.

Do the Vaccinated Now Make Up the Majority of COVID Deaths?

Yes, but context is required.

Fact Checking an Alleged Tweet by Right-Wing Pundit Matt Walsh

The tweet is a fake image.