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Has Merck Said It’s ‘More Effective’ to Catch COVID Than Take a Vaccine?

The pharmaceutical giant has suspended its vaccine research but has not suggested it's better to get the virus.

Did Family Members of Trump and His Team Cash In on Their Connections?

A viral meme is largely correct on one point but misleading on two others.

Are Guantanamo Prisoners Getting COVID Vaccines Before American Citizens?

A tweet from Charlie Kirk making such a claim came after the Pentagon had ‘paused’ a plan to offer it to detainees.

Was Joe Biden’s Inauguration ‘Empty’?

The National Mall was closed to spectators out of security concerns after the January 6 riots.

Did Legislation Passed in 1871 Make Washington, D.C., a Foreign Entity?

The conspiracy theory is being spread to suggest that Donald Trump is still president.

Did Trump Offer to Let National Guard Troops Stay at His Hotel?

There was no public announcement and various government offices were unfamiliar with any such invitations.

Was Hank Aaron’s Death Tied to the COVID Vaccine?

There is no evidence to support this claim.

Did Kamala Harris Take the Oath With Her Hand on a Purse?

No. The new vice president was sworn in using two Bibles, one on top of the other.

Has Donald Trump Invoked the Insurrection Act?

No. The law requires a president to issue a public proclamation.

Does a Video Show a Participant in the Capitol Riot Finding Out He’s on the ‘No Fly List’?

The woman who initially posted it to TikTok described it as a ‘meltdown’ over wearing a mask.

Fact Check: An Arizona State Rep Claims Antifa Members Were ‘Confirmed’ to be at the Capitol

He repeated claims from an already-debunked Washington Times article.