Fact Check

Did the Maricopa County Audit Show That Donald Trump Won Arizona?

The results have not yet been announced.

Did Kamala Harris Celebrate Juneteenth With a Dinner Served by Black Servants?

Viral photos depict a dinner for female senators, not an event tied to the new federal holiday.

Fact Checking Joe Biden’s Comment on the Death of Brian Sicknick

He claimed that January 6 rioters killed a police officer. Brian Sicknick died on January 7 of two strokes after defending the Capitol.

Has Apple Banned Grindr? Did eBay Ban Erotica?

A viral tweet about living in a ‘Christian Dystopia’ is a mix of false and misleading claims.

Did a Teenager Die From Myocarditis After Her Second COVID Dose?

Her cause of death has not been confirmed, and there is currently no proof to suggest it was tied to the vaccine.

Did Nike’s Most Recent Quarterly Report Show $790 Million in Losses?

Viral posts are using outdated information.

Fact Checking ‘Absolutely 9-0,’ the Latest Documentary From Mike Lindell

The MyPillow CEO makes unsupportable claims about data packets and ‘packet capture.’

Did Fauci Send an Email Touting Hydroxychloroquine as a COVID Treatment?

He forwarded a document making the claim, but he did not endorse it.

Trump Supporters Seek an Audit in Georgia. What Are They Looking For?

No widespread voter fraud has been uncovered in previous audits or recounts.

Do Two Democratic Senators ‘Vote More’ With Republicans?

Biden’s claim about Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema is false.