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Does Joe Biden Want to Ban Fracking?

His written climate plans have been consistent, but his rhetoric has, at times, created confusion.

Did President Obama Issue Clemency to 18,000 People?

A claim by Joe Biden is exaggerated by a factor of almost 10.

Do Flu Deaths Ever Top 100,000?

President Trump compares flu and COVID deaths in a tweet.

What Florida’s Reopening Order Does—And Doesn’t—Do

Some regulations are still left to local officials.

Clearing Up What Happened With the Discarded Pennsylvania Ballots

The initial scant details led to the spread of misinformation.

Does Amy Coney Barrett Want to ‘End the Separation of Church and State’?

There is no evidence to support the claim.

Did Joe Biden Garble the Pledge of Allegiance?

Always remember to watch the whole video.