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Did YouTube Remove a Video About a Potential Coronavirus Treatment to Make Trump Look Bad?

No, the video depicted a treatment that has not received FDA approval.

Have Nearly 90 Percent of Intubated Coronavirus Patients in New York Died?

The headlines about a peer-reviewed study have caused confusion.

Did the Media ‘Minimize the Risk’ of Coronavirus Early On?

No more than the government did.

Do 40 Percent of Americans Have Less Than $400 in the Bank?

That’s not what the study being cited says.

Does President Trump Have an Interest in the Company That Makes Hydroxychloroquine?

Yes, but the most recent information shows it’s not significant.

The Dispatch Corrections Policy

The Dispatch Corrections Policy

When The Dispatch is alerted to a possible error of fact in any of our ...

Did President Trump Ban Travel to the United States from China?

No. Travel from China has been restricted, but even today there is no universal travel ban.