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Fact Check: An Old 2020 Election Lie Resurfaces

Bad math about the number of Americans who voted for president.

Fact Check: Images of Satanist Schooling in Libraries Are Digitally Generated

Demonic figures are not actually educating children.

Fact Check: Old Migrant Caravan Photo Circulating on Social Media

The image is from October 2018, not today.

Fact Check: Teachers Union Head Says She Wanted Schools to Reopen During Pandemic

The union leader omitted important context during her congressional testimony.

Fact Check: Video Shows the Wrong Border Fence

A viral clip shows chaos at the border between Morocco and Spain, not the U.S. and Mexico.

Fact Check: BlackRock Does Not Own Shares In Dominion Voting Systems

The asset management behemoth owns shares in an energy company with a similar name.

Fact Check: Joe Biden Has Not Endorsed Donald Trump

A speech from 2020 has been misleadingly edited.

Fact Check: Clip of Fighting AI Robot Is Computer Generated, Not Real

A viral TikTok is fooling social media users.

Fact Check: Image Purporting to Show Hillary Clinton at Guantanamo Bay is Fake 

The photo was digitally altered.

Fact Check: Tucker Carlson Cites False Ukrainian Casualty Numbers

The numbers cited by the Fox News Host are fabricated.

Fact Check: Does a Passport Indicate Barack Obama Was Born in Kenya?

The document in question belongs to his father

Fact Check: Image of Donald and Melania Trump With Stormy Daniels Has Been Altered

Only the Trumps appear in the authentic photograph.