Dalibor Rohac

Dalibor Rohac
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A Petty Squabble Between Serbia and Kosovo Has NATO Preparing to Intervene

The conflict is about more than license plates.

Viktor Orbán Comes to CPAC

Will the audience care about his recent racist speech, his kowtowing to China, or his lack of support for Ukraine?

The Misguided Opposition to the $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

It’s an opportunity to put Russia in its place for the foreseeable future without risk to American troops.

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The Problem with ‘Blame NATO First’

Suggesting that NATO expansion is to blame for the war in Ukraine demonstrates an ignorance of post-communist Russia’s political history.

Why Europe Will Always Struggle With ‘Strategic Autonomy’

Decades of underinvestment and countries having disparate interests are two major reasons.

Climate Change Is a Problem. Big Summits Are Not the Answer.

Decarbonization is key. It will be achieved through practical efforts by individual nations, not sweeping international pledges.

In Emphasizing Asia, Biden Can’t Forget About Europe

China is our biggest rival and presents many challenges. But we cannot ignore Eastern Europe.

How We Can Boost Our Standing on the World Stage

If Biden wants to turn things around, vaccines are a cheap and effective way to save lives and fix the global economy.

How Viktor Orbán Became China’s Most Reliable European Ally

The Chinese have offered up investment and trade, but the CCP hasn’t delivered.

How the EU Treats Friends Worse Than Foes

Compare its treatment of Switzerland with its mild response to Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.