Vladimir Kara-Murza, Imprisoned but Undaunted

The Russian pro-democracy leader was sentenced to 15 days in prison after criticizing Putin in a CNN interview on Monday.

Afghanistan Becomes a Black Hole for American Intelligence Operations

Since the botched U.S. pullout, terrorists and foreign adversaries have gained an ally in the Taliban.

What’s Wrong with the Russian Army?

It goes beyond bad leadership, insufficient training, and poor logistics.

What If We Ran Our Elections Like France?

It could be very easy for factions to attain momentary power.

The ‘Butcher of Syria’ Now Leads Russia’s Troops in Ukraine

Aleksandr Dvornikov isn't the kind of person you put in charge if you're looking for a rapid negotiated peace.

Iran’s Cyberspace Evolution

The mullahs understand that to be a global force, the Islamic Republic must be at the forefront of cyber technology.

Can Emmanuel Macron Win His Rematch With Marine LePen?

Since he has alienated some on the left, he’ll need all the moderate support he can get.

Is the Ceasefire in Yemen a Gain for Iran?

Anything that helps the mullahs is unlikely to lead to peace.

A New Report Sheds Lights on Renewed Efforts to Free ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’

Aafia Siddiqui is serving an 86-year federal sentence for trying to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and her release was the motivation behind the Colleyville hostage crisis.

Lessons From the Winter War

In 1939, Stalin’s Red Army thought it would capture Helsinki in a matter of weeks. Finland had other ideas.

The Ruthless Realpolitik of the United Arab Emirates

Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed has cozied up to Bashar al-Assad, and relations with the U.S. are at an all-time low.

The Bucha Massacre and the Horrors to Come

What the Russians might do next and how the West can help Ukraine stop them.

Keep an Eye on Kherson

With the Russians retreating from areas like Kyiv and Chernihiv, what will happen in the territories they still hold?

The Kremlin’s Latin American Echo Chamber

A trio of Spanish language media networks controlled by Iran, Russia, and Venezuela push out propaganda and disinformation to demonize the West.

Ukraine Strikes Back

Expect Russia to use it as an excuse for renewed escalation.

North Korea Looks to Capitalize on Washington’s Attention Deficit

A serious problem does not go away if you ignore it.