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Dispatch Politics

Three Times a Week
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, David M. Drucker, Michael Warren, and Charles Hilu offer a heavily reported look at what’s going on in the parties’ struggle for political power, from the campaign trail to the White House.

Stirewalt on Politics

Every Saturday, Chris Stirewalt, a political news veteran, uses his decades of experience to provide context (and some humor) when explaining what happened this week in national politics.

The Collision

Weekly and As News Happens
Every Thursday, Sarah Isgur and Mike Warren offer reporting and trenchant analysis to help understand the new and extraordinary intersection between the law and presidential politics.


Every Thursday, Will Rinehart offers unique insights on technology policy, innovation, and other long-tail issues that are often ignored or overlooked.


Twice a Week
Every Wednesday and Friday, Jonah Goldberg draws on his deep understanding of American history, culture, and conservatism to analyze politics and policy.

The Morning Dispatch

Every weekday morning, Mary Trimble, Grayson Logue, and Peter Gattuso provide an essential news briefing, along with original reporting and analysis on the day’s biggest stories.


Every Wednesday, Scott Lincicome deciphers and explains how otherwise incomprehensible economic policies affect everyday Americans.

Dispatch Weekly

Every Sunday, Rachael Larimore shares the best work that Dispatch staffers and contributors have produced over the past week.

Boiling Frogs

Every weekday evening, Nick Catoggio, formerly Allahpundit, offers a running commentary on how populism is changing the world—and America’s two major political parties.


Every Monday morning, Kevin D. Williamson reports—as only he can—on American life, politics, and culture from coast to coast.