Apr 2, 2020 • 1HR 18M

Dog-Lover, Scholar, Nudgemaster

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The Remnant returns to its quarantine schedule with long-awaited guest and (possibly) the most-ever cited legal scholar, Cass Sunstein. Cass and Jonah have a longstanding camaraderie that began with a shared love of dogs - a subject they may write a book about - but they also have an uncanny ability to discuss flaws and weaknesses in one another’s political priors that’s rare in modern debate. There’s dog talk, bonobo talk, and some rank nudgery on this episode, so it’s a great pick-me-up episode with a little bit of something for everyone.

Show Notes:

-Self-domestication of dogs

-Cass talking about the Russian Fox Experiment

-The Tame Bonobo Theory

-For Kant nerds: Christine Korsgaard’s deontological argument for animal rights

-Cass’ book on “The Cost-Benefit Revolution”

-Cass and Thaler’s “Nudge” theory

-“Trusting Nudges”

-Bound By Oath, the Institute for Justice’s 14th Amendment history podcast

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