Housekeeping and the Apocalypse (w/ Niall Ferguson & Martin Gurri)

It’s time for a quick round of housekeeping. Adaam has exciting announcements/updates about the multimedia world of The Dispatch, followed by a bonus episode: a conversation with economic historian Niall Ferguson, author of Doom, and Martin Gurri, former CIA media analyst and author of Revolt of the Public. The discussion surveys some of the many ways in which our civilization might implode (…) from bad education to nuclear annihilation. This of course raises the question, could it be Taylor Lorenz was right after all, and we’re all just depressed because the world’s about to end?

Show Notes:

-The original (unabridged) live event with Niall and Martin, co-hosted by Vanessa Quirk

Niall on how Cold War II can turn into World War III

-Martin’s Revolt of the Public

-Niall’s Doom

Rand Institute on the “foundations of national competitiveness

Our podcasts on YouTube

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