Political Implications of Inflation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) report this week, and our hosts are here to talk through it. What does this all mean for the upcoming midterms and 2024? They will discuss that too. Plus, Sweden and Finland are looking to join NATO. What does this mean for the Western alliance? What should we expect from Russia?

Show Notes:

TMD: “Light at the End of the Inflation Tunnel?”

The Sweep: “Tsunami or Ripple? What a Midterm Wave Might Look Like.”

The Sweep: “To Agenda or Not? That Is the Question for the GOP.”

TMD: “Finland and Sweden Weighing NATO Bids”

New York Times: “Military Memo Deepens Possible Interstellar Meteor Mystery”

WUSA: “Teens among seven people arrested after detectives find dog reportedly taken at gunpoint”

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