A Cynical Man

Snowbound in the depths of Pennsylvania, Jonah invites the inimitable Yuval Levin back to the Remnant for a philosophical yet accessible conversation on the responsibilities we face as members of a free society. What’s the best way to approach political and civic life in the United States, and how should we treat our institutions? For that matter, why is cynicism harmful? Can higher education be fixed? And is the internet damaging democracy?

Show Notes:

Yuval’s page at AEI

A Time to Build, still available from all good booksellers

Yuval: “The Constitution and National Unity”

Yuval’s ideas for repairing democracy

Mark Leibovich’s This Town

“You are all individuals”

Robert Nisbet’s The Quest for Community

Arnold Kling: “How the Internet Turned Bad”

Yuval: “Politics After the Internet”Megan McArdle: “It’s time for major institutions to make their employees get off of Twitter”

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