Drive-Time Ruminant 3: Auditory Dada Paintings

You wanted the best and you got the best: the hottest FM radio imitation in the world, Friday’s drive-time Ruminant. Feast your ears on the third installment of this curio, as Jonah (unquestioned ruler of the fun side of The Dispatch), Ryan (cicada sous chef and alien aficionado), Guy (unofficial American and classic Simpsons obsessive), and Nick (as good a Straussian as Michael Jordan was a baseball player) join forces to save America from Michael Moore’s invasive telescope. Some serious punditry is mixed in, too, as the quartet explores Donald Trump’s latest antics, memories of Bush-era conservatism, and the possible existence of little green men. As always, please share your feedback on this format, positive, negative, and otherwise. If enough people don’t like these episodes, we can say they were also released during the Chinese lab-leak.

Show Notes: 

Ryan and Alec’s early summer feast

Jonah’s eulogy to his dad

Charlie Cooke’s report on Trump’s delusions of reinstatement

Jonah’s cryptic tweet 

Of populism and conspiracies

“He’s history’s greatest monster!”

“…with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln”

The New York Times is in on the alien cover-up

Memeing like it’s 2001

Bush talks immigration on The Dispatch Podcast

The psychology of the immigration debate

The Hangover with Matt Continetti

The Remnant with Shawn Bushway

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