Going Loco

Broadcasting live from Fargo (the movie is still better than the TV series), Jonah can’t help but spend most of today’s Ruminant gloating about how he’s been correct on recent issues ranging from the silliness of “Latinx” to the craziness of Tucker Carlson. Political demographics, the Omicron variant, and the future of conservatism are also discussed, but at the end of it all, one question remains: Is “I informed you thusly” a more satisfying phrase than “I told you so?”

Show Notes:

The Wednesday G-File

No one uses “Latinx”

Are Hispanics evenly split between the parties?

The Commentary podcast on Democrats and Hispanics

Rich Lowry on the WSJ poll

Sean Trende on what motivates Hispanic voters

Whitelash, by Terry Smith

Can’t hold it back anymore

Jim Geraghty on good news regarding Omicron

Well-known progressive Mitch McConnell

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