I Got You Dave

Jonah’s Italian vision quest has nearly concluded, but he still has a few corners of his subconscious left to search. That leaves the Remnant in need of a guest host, and who better to captain the ship once again than Chris Stirewalt, America’s favorite country pundit? Chris has worn his egghead hat for his last few episodes, but today, he embraces his true nature as a political dirtbag driven solely by the pursuit of rank punditry. To that end, his guest is The Dispatch’s own David Drucker, who joins to discuss the 2024 election in all of its endless stupidity. Do any of the GOP candidates not named Donald Trump actually have a chance? How’s Biden been doing lately? And is going “all in on Iowa” a political death knell for Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis?

Show Notes:

David’s page at The Dispatch

Chris’ Remnant with Amity Shlaes

Chris’ Roman Remnant with Mike Duncan

David’s Dispatch interview with Chris Christie

David: “Ron DeSantis Endorsements Keep Coming”

Ben Terris: “The Make-Believe Republican Primary”

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