Man Bites Mouse

Sick with a nasty fever, Jonah approaches today’s Remnant not as an emergency podcast, but a podcast imbued with a sense of emergency. His guest is David French, who returns for a lengthy discussion of Ron DeSantis’ feud with Disney and what it reveals about American polarization. Also on the docket is what we can expect from Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and how Jonah and David would change the site if they were given control. Stick around until the end for obligatory discussion of TV, movies, and other items of nerdy miscellanea.

Show Notes:

David’s page at The Dispatch

The Morning Dispatch breaks down Florida’s plan to annex Disney World

Charlie Cooke: “Ron DeSantis’s Misguided Attack on Disney’s Legal Status”

An extra-feisty Charlie Cooke on National Review’s “Editors” podcast

Jonah’s latest column on the Disney saga

David: “How Twitter Beclowns the American Elite”

Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy on the Democratic electorate

Francis Fukuyama’s Liberalism and its Discontents

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