Monkey Business

James “Jimmy P” Pethokoukis makes his long-awaited Remnant return to assure us that life really is better than it used to be. Alternating between gratuitous sci-fi references and shameless wonkery, he and Jonah explore dynamism in American life, the potential for a new Roaring ‘20s, and the future of technology. Is there a case for universal basic income? Will Elon Musk become the next Howard Hughes? And what can we expect from the new space age?

Show Notes:

Jim’s page at AEI

Jim’s Substack, Faster, Please!

Jonah reviews The Reactionary Mind

Jim’s idea of a “post-modern” U.S. economy

America’s new space age

Jim on Musk’s Twitter takeover

Kevin Williamson on the strange case of billionaires

Jim explores Americans’ views on trade

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