Power to the Pundits

As a Thanksgiving treat, Jonah invites Chris “Giblets” Stirewalt—his favorite Gen X nostalgist—back on The Remnant to dispense some ruthlessly rank punditry on the state of the 2024 election. With Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley now doing most of the fighting in the GOP primary, do either of them pose a viable threat to Donald Trump? And if the former president captures the nomination, what will that mean for an increasingly fragile-looking Joe Biden? You’ll also want to tune in to learn why men really think about the Roman Empire (yes, the issue is unresolved), and to learn some dark, turkey-related secrets.

Show Notes:

Chris’ page at The Dispatch

Chris interviews Mike Duncan on Ancient Rome

Chris: “Nikki Haley’s Unproven Reserves”

Ben Smith: “Why Nikki Haley is Ready for This Ugly Media Moment”

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