Survey Says

Jonah’s vocal double Chris Stirewalt seizes control of The Remnant today in Dostoyevskian fashion. His guest? CNN’s Harry Enten, who shares Chris’ obsession with polling data. The two explore why polling in 2020 was so inaccurate, the quirks of online polling, and why Republicans who answer polls tend not to represent Republicans at large. They also dig into demographic divisions over vaccine uptake and how vaccine skeptics can be swayed. Tune in for incisive political analysis, but stick around for a considered discussion of which diet cola is America’s finest.

Show Notes:

Harry’s author page at CNN

Jeff Bezos casually visits outer space

2020’s major polling blunders

Inaccurate polling in 1980 and 2012

How the polls did in 2018

Max Boot complains about vaccination rates in Republican states

Demographic trends in the vaccine rollout

The vaccine rollout’s partisan divide

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