A 2020 Election Report ‘By Conservatives, For Conservatives’

Eight prominent conservatives released a report on Thursday examining “every claim of fraud and miscount put forward by former President Trump and his advocates” following the 2020 presidential election and reached an “unequivocal” conclusion: “Joe Biden was the choice of a majority of the Electors, who themselves were the choice of the majority of voters in their states.”

Former federal judge Thomas B. Griffith, who spearheaded the report’s creation and recruited other members of the group that produced it, told The Dispatch the report has been in the works for nearly a year and a half. Along with Griffith, the signatories include two other former federal judges (J. Michael Luttig and Michael W. McConnell), two former senators (John Danforth of Missouri and Gordon H. Smith of Oregon), former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson, Republican election lawyer Benjamin Ginsburg, and David Hoppe, former chief of staff to Paul Ryan. Two of the signatories—Ginsburg and Luttig—have testified before the House committee investigating January 6.

Motivated in part by a “fundamental dissatisfaction with having to rely on others for the information,” Griffith recruited others of like mind to volunteer for a fact-finding mission. 

“I just got on the phone and started calling fellow conservatives who I trusted,” Griffith said. “Let’s do a deep dive. Let’s—don’t rely on what others are telling us, let’s look at it ourselves. And, you know, if we come to the conclusion that there are serious problems with our election system, that it’s rife with fraud, then let’s be the advocates for getting that fixed, because that’s not sustainable. On the other hand, if we find out that those stories aren’t true … then let’s get out and tell folks that.”

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