People Love Big Spending Packages. Until They Have to Pay for Them.

Here is a very basic fact: People tend to like getting stuff for free. Ask most people, “Do you want a fancy new Mercedes?” and they’ll likely respond, “Yes.” But ask them to pay full price for it and demand drops dramatically.

Hold that thought.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is very upset that the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” package is stalled. “Poll after poll shows overwhelming support for the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better legislation,” Sanders said in a statement, “and the need to lower prescription drug costs, expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing and vision …” and so on.

But as National Review’s Charles Cooke wrote, Sanders’ statement refutes itself. In the next paragraph, the Vermont senator says, “polling also shows that despite President Biden having introduced this proposal five months ago, a majority of Americans have very little knowledge as to what is in this bill.” Sanders adds, “It is hard to ask people to have faith in their government when they have little understanding of what their government is trying to do.”

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