The GOP Needs Ideas, Not Grievance Politics

Voters respond to ideas, and right now, the GOP cupboard is bare.

Over the last several years, it’s become easy to find journalists pontificating about the “identity crisis” within the Republican Party. That assessment is off base; there is no “crisis.” The GOP is not in a period of uncertainty and confusion. For the time being, it has become a party of identity—not one that can’t choose an identity. 

It’s even more shortsighted to say, “The GOP is dead.” Both major political parties in the United States have shown resilience and ability to adapt to changing demographics, political landscapes, and cultural shifts. Granted, the parties as a whole are much weaker than they’ve ever been, creating a permission structure for people to operate within the party while elevating themselves above it. 

That weakness in the GOP provided a narrow path for Donald Trump, and the party, at least for the time being, has handcuffed itself to the personality of the recent one-term president. 

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