Would We Be Better Off With a President Pence Right Now?

What would a President Pence do?

It’s a question no one is asking, so I guess it falls to me.

 In January 2020 it was almost as if God, the universe, or our Lizard People overlords were giving the Republicans one last chance to separate their fate from Trump’s. The Higher Power couldn’t actually tell the GOP, “If you don’t choose wisely, you’ll be stuck with him during a time of trials, tribulations, and even a plague.” But it’s not like they weren’t warned that the president would one day be tested beyond his abilities. Prophets don’t predict, they warn. And such warnings have been thick in the air for a very long time.

 But few Republicans heeded, and a complaisance just shy of Stockholm syndrome finally set in. After all, the economy was humming, the normal rules of politics had not applied to this president for so long, and the base was so invested in Trump, best to keep your head down. Sodom and Gomorrah were fun towns while they lasted, too.

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