Alex Demas

Alex Demas is a fact checker at The Dispatch and is based in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the company in 2023, he worked in England as a financial journalist and earned his MA in Political Economy at King's College London. When not heroically combating misinformation online, Alex can be found mixing cocktails, watching his beloved soccer team Aston Villa lose a match, or attempting to pet stray cats.

Alex Demas

Is Switzerland Preparing Its Citizens for Nuclear Conflict?

A Facebook video exaggerates reports that the government is distributing iodine tablets.

Map of Iran Surrounded by U.S. Military Bases Is Riddled With Inaccuracies

Elon Musk shared the image on Twitter.

Viral Video Claims to Show U.S. Marines Landing in Israel

The soldiers are from the Army and they are arriving in Romania.

IDF Confirms It Damaged a Church in a Strike on a Hamas Command Center

The Israelis stressed that the Church of Saint Porphyrius was not a target.

Explaining the Allegations That Jim Jordan Covered Up Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

The scandal emerged in 2018, but there is no solid evidence to either support or refute the claim.

What We Know and Don’t Know About Hamas’ Alleged Atrocities in Israel

Videos that attempt to ‘debunk’ claims about beheadings, assaults, and killings are inconclusive and misleading.

Unproven Claims That Steve Scalise Has Ties to White Supremacists Resurface

A 2014 story saying he spoke at a EURO convention cannot be verified.

Palestinian Political Leader Claims Hamas Has Attacked ‘Mainly’ Military Establishments

Hundreds of civilians are among the dead and kidnapped.

A Viral Video Distorts the Truth About Ukraine Conscripting Women

Only women with medical education are required to register for military service.