Harming Students in the Name of Fairness

Dropping the SAT for the sake of ‘equity’ forces colleges to rely on admissions standards that benefit wealthy and privileged applicants.

Has Sunak Sealed Brexit?

The ‘Windsor framework’ promises a resolution in Northern Ireland, but key stakeholders are holding out.

A Round of GOF

How gain-of-function research fits into Congress’ COVID origins investigations: a Dispatch Explainer.

Going to War Over Taiwan: Who Decides?

Even if Biden could justify U.S. intervention without congressional approval, it’s politically important to have the legislative branch on board.

America’s Child Labor Problem

No one knows how big the problem has become, complicating eradication efforts: A Dispatch Explainer.

Social Policy With a Side of Chips

Subsidies intended to boost our semiconductor production come with a tangled web of strings attached.

The Gaps Between the Law and Artificial Intelligence

The burgeoning AI industry is raising questions for which federal law has few answers.

House GOP’s Afghanistan Investigation Kicks Off

Members will examine the chaotic August 2021 evacuation of Afghan allies.

The Regulatory Battle over Abortion Pills Heats Up

Plus: Turmoil at the Federal Trade Commission.

A Brewing Crisis in Mexico

Budget cuts to the agency that oversees elections have sparked protests and present an even greater threat.

Congress Wades Into D.C. Crime Policy

President Biden has vowed not to veto a Republican-led measure that would reverse an overhaul of the capital’s criminal code.

A Warning to the U.S. From Brazil and Iran 

A docking by Iranian warships in Rio de Janeiro challenges the Biden administration.

Lawmakers May Find Common Ground on a Sweeping Privacy Law

A bipartisan coalition in the House hopes the divided Congress can make a deal.

Millions May Lose Their Pandemic Medicaid Coverage

The expiration of a temporary pandemic measure could cause headaches for states and Medicaid enrollees.

Getting Away With Murder, Sort Of

The dangerous marriage of elitism and populism.

How Corporate Greed Helped Save Europe

When war broke out, countries were able to wean themselves from Russian energy.