The GOP Takes an Immigration Victory Lap

House Republicans pass their border bill despite intraparty drama.

Microsoft Issues Warning About Chinese AI That Microsoft Helped Create

The company’s China outpost has trained scientists who’ve gone on to work for top surveillance companies.

Our China Self-Own

Failing to improve our immigration policy gives our biggest competitor a leg up on skilled labor.

Death of a Talking Point

Returning to the tax policies of the 1950s would make our deficits worse.

Democrats Urge New Gun Laws Amid Spate of Shootings

Plus: Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy begin new debt ceiling talks.

The Danger of Mike Lee’s Ukraine Skepticism

He’s trying to re-create an isolationist worldview that the GOP banished decades ago.

Economy Still Weird

Plus: A Republican senator holds up high-ranking military promotions over the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

Senators Examine Worldwide Threats

Plus: A new China competition bill is in the works, and e-commerce trade benefits receive more scrutiny.

SCOTUS Poised to Rein in the Administrative State

Plus: Ed Sheeran fends off a copyright lawsuit.

Three Ways of Looking at the Debt Ceiling

The immediate crisis might be exaggerated, but disaster looms if we don’t address spending.

The End of Title 42

The Biden administration is sending troops to the border in preparation for a potential migrant surge.

Donald Trump’s Plan to Pare Back the ‘Deep State,’ Explained

The former president’s once and future plan to clean house in the federal bureaucracy has broader GOP support.

How Sanctions Can Help Bring Home American Hostages

The Levinson Act allows the administration to target individuals, not just organizations.

How About Zero Tolerance for Crime?

It’s not hopeless or naïve. It’s the government’s job.

Repealing the Payroll-Tax Cap Won’t Save Social Security

Funding progressive dreams doesn’t mean just raising Elon Musk’s taxes.